Posting staff abroad? Taking up a post overseas?

Different families have different needs. We help companies to define their Mobility Policy and take the burden off the HR department. We assist expats with customized relocation services, worldwide.

Our advantage is the individual support for expats on the ground. Designated contacts and experts at origin and destination are the cornerstones of our expat relocation services. Our complete service packages protect you from additional costs; corporates benefit from our recommendations on mobility policy optimization.

Moving is one of the most stressful events in life. Overseas assignments can be especially challenging to prospective expats, their families and employers. We have divided our relocation services into 5 phases which ensure expats hit the ground running in no time:


The preparation includes immigration and orientation. We prepare all required documents and submit them to the authorities. We organize orientation tours to familiarize expats with their potential new surroundings. Once the employee has opted for the foreign assignment, we search for a new home and, if necessary, schools or kindergartens.

AGS FROESCH Move Management

We ensure that all personal belongings arrive safely and on time at the destination. Waiting times are reduced to the greatest possible extent. We utilize our logistics department for our relocation services, which results in great cost savings for our customers.

Assistance with Settling-In

We have the answers to the questions and concerns of everyday life. We support expats from opening a bank account to shopping tips, intercultural training and language courses.

Customer Satisfaction

We want to know what we did well and where you and your transferees still see room for improvement. Quality management and control are at the core of Phase 5.

Departure Services

Contracts have to be terminated and all belongings transported back or to the new location once your contract ends or should you want to move. We take care of the entire administration process and handling of your next relocation.