Office Moves

Is your business expanding? AGS FROESCH takes care of the complete administration and execution of your office or business move – from paper clips to filing cabinets.

Your entire business can come to a standstill during an office  or business move. AGS FROESCH will help you to avoid interruptions and minimize downtime. We visit your current and new offices, secure direct access to the sites, obtain special permits, create site plans, coordinate with your HR department and inform your employees about the exact process. Clear communication and an organized approach are key to a smooth office move.

Our team uses high quality packaging materials and has the full range of moving equipment such as file carts and roll ramps at its disposal, all to ensure a quick and safe business move. Rolling technology is environmentally friendly because it minimizes the cardboard consumption. Disassembly, assembly and installations are done by our local craftsmen.

Minimize your operating delays by choosing AGS FROESCH.

These are the advantages we offer for corporate clients and the public sector.

RomainOffice Moves