Moving with Children

We comfort your youngsters with little extras and special attention

Moving can be stressful for adults and even more so for children.

We introduce ourselves to your children during the pre-move survey and give them our AGS FROESCH coloring book and crayons. On the packing day your children can fill special children’s cartons with their personal treasures. This carton is the first one unpacked upon arrival, so your children don’t have to go without their cherished belongings for long. A Freddy the frog plush toy is added to every children’s carton. Our specially designed puzzle postcards for children  help explain the moving process in a fun way.

We have compiled a brochure on Moving with Children which contains  valuable tips to make the transition easier for the children.

The AGS FROESCH coloring book was designed by Bjoern Seifert. He is an employee of the sheltered workshop KWN Neuwied Heinrich-Haus GmbH. We support the facility’s cause.

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